mercoledì 21 novembre 2007

The Greatests - Piero

He has been a farmer, a carpenter, a restaurant owner, a lorry driver, a retired person.
He's a man not well-educated, unpretentious but not stupid at all. He has a hard will and an amazing memory (like Pico della Mirandola). I saw him doing really difficult things with iron, wood, glass and stones. The way he handles and keeps his work-tools has always made me curious: it seems he's graceful to these objects for the work they have done. He's strong, mighty, he looks like a three doors closet; with him we always felt safe and I thought, and I still do, that, thanks to him, we would have survived to a nuclear disaster.

He's good at tilling the soil, at cooking and at wine-making!
He's an insatiable eater, in extra-fine taste. The chicken that he cooks is excellent. He's an irreplaceable help when my mom cooks some Italian typical dishes as: "risotto coi fegatini", "baccalà alla vicentina", "coniglio alla cacciatora", "frittelle", "sarde in saor"!!!
He doesn't like priests very much, but he has his own religion: eating and eating together is sacred to him; the guest that enters in his house is holy; his family is sacred: he's very possessive towards it; the funerals as last goodbye to someone he loved or he didn't know at all is sacred.

I have never seen him staggering except for the illness of his beloved Francesco.
The old age is bothering him a lot, but it isn't going to threatening him: he wants to live until 150 years, and even more... if it is possible.

My father taught me to love THIS material life, to taste it and to find in it, anyhow, all I can. He taught me to think up any solution, to transform the things that surround me. He made me learning how to get things by intuitions, instead of using hands, eyes, books, and tools. He told me never to surrender, to be wary, to be sincere, to keep what I've said, to help who need something, to respect Life.

Well. Thank you, dad!


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